Spray Tanning

Full Body Spray Tan             15 minutes           $39

Top Up/Refresh                    15 minutes           $29

(within 7 days) 

Spray-on tan offers you an instant , flawless , 100% natural looking tan and contains approved and non-harmful ingredients that provide an instant tan and skin hydration all in one. Your tan amplifies over two hours into a truly bronze tan with NO orange undertones.


Exfoliation is recommended the day before your spray tan to improve and extend your tanning result.


Do not apply deodorant, moisturiser or perfumes to the skin prior to tanning. Remember to bring dark coloured, loose fitting clothing to wear home. Do not shower or expose your skin to water for 2 hours, if possible shower the next day. If you have very sensitive skin we recommend you have a patch test 24 hours before your spray tan.


Spay tan does not protect you from sunburn. It is recommended that you use sunscreen.