Pedicure & Manicure

Sensational Hands Manicure

45 minutess  $65

A wedding or party to go to , gardeners or workman’s hands or simply a pleasurable treat you rarely have time for!


Your hands are gently exfoliated with coconut crème scrub followed by a hydrating mask and a gentle hand massage using the lovely coconut or frangi pani moisturising lotion. Cuticle treatment , nail shape , buff and polish.


(French paint additional $10)  -  Shellac removal allow an extra 20mins + $20

Stepping-out Pedicure

45 minutess  $65

Restore the bounce in your step! Your feet will feel and look fabulous after this treat.


The aroma of essential oils of peppermint and lemongrass drift up from your foot spa. Dry skin is exfoliated using the aromatic coconut sugar scrub before we proceed to trim nails and buff heels. Now for a deep foot massage with warmed coconut body butter before a hot towel wrap left for 5 minutes before we attend to your cuticles and nail paint. Emerge from your treatment refreshed and relaxed. Gentlemen are provided with an extended foot massage.


(French paint additional $10)   -  Shellac removal allow an extra 20mins + $20

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