Massage Therapy

Having a regular massage is an excellent choice if your goal is to improve your overall health and wellbeing. The many benefits of massage assist both your physical and emotional wellness and is now often recommended by a wide field of health professionals. Perhaps you feel your body is sluggish, heavy or stiff or you may have muscular aches and pains or be feeling stressed and  tired. Taking time-out in a calm, nurturing .environment also assists if you are suffering grief, loss or depression. Treating yourself to a massage is an excellent way to 'slow down' and honour yourself.

Remedial/Deep Tissue

45 minutes $70       1 hour $90       1.5 hours $135

Currently the most sought after massage style and our ‘speciality’. Our remedial massage therapists are passionate about massage and are guided by the owner of the Spa who has over 15 years of experience as a Remedial Massage therapist.


Our therapists understand what a ‘great massage’ means. Incorporating firm pressure, trigger point work, aromatherapy and balanced with periods of relaxing flowing movements this massage style is the one that works magic!


45 minutes $70       1 hour $90       1.5 hours $135

We can take the ‘ouch’ out of ‘touch’ and provide you with a soothing massage using aromatic oils and medium to light pressure, with rhythmic strokes. Time will sli p away as your body relaxes under the hands of our caring therapist.


Benefits of this style of massage are to assist lymphatic flow and drainage , to improve peri pheral circulation by stretching and warming your muscles with the added benefit of hydrating dry skin.

Pregnancy Massage

45 minutes $70       1 hour $90       1.5 hours $135

“Oh! I wish I could stay here all day!”...


Our pregnancy pillow allows you to lie face down and relax even in the later weeks of pregnancy , enabling you to really relax and let go!


We take care to work out neck and shoulder tension, blend medium pressure with relaxing techniques to sooth tired and aching lower back and legs and relieve general weariness. Overall a very soothing and nurturing experience , helping you to go on.....

Hot Stone Massage

1 hour $105

Awesome , soothing , and amazing pressure”! These are just some of the comments we receive from our very happy clients. The hot stones don’t feel like stones! Experience the unique combined effect of heat , essential oils and massage oil as our therapist uses skilled moves to release stored muscle tension and pent-up stress.


Yes, we actually massage you with the hot stones and blend hands on remedial techniques to ensure your satisfaction. Magic!

Drift-Away Massage

1 hour $95

Another of our popular treatments , combining a 30 minute back of body massage with a 30 minute face and scalp massage.


This treatment includes facial cleanse, warm compress, tone and moisturise before your depart feeling refreshed and relaxed!

Stress Buster

1 hour $95

Just for those who love a foot massage but want a body massage too!


Combining a 30 minute back of body massage and a 30 minute treatment on your feet , including a tropical sugar scrub to smooth and soften , a detoxifying clay mask and last, but not least, an intensive foot massage!

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